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Exceptional antitumor remedy
Mellixir, based on honey, fruits and herbs
A beverage for your soul!
Natural and very eficient toothpaste, for sensitive persons
Aloe Vera gel
Pure, natural, from organic crops
Colloidal gold
Vital Pur, Olympus - youth thy soul
Colloidal silver Protect, Forte
Protection, prevention, healing - antiviral, antibacterian
Natural deodorants, with colloidal silver and gold
Deovis, it keeps you fresh gently
Helia, Sativa, Delis
Natural skin care creams, with colloidal silver, gold and platinum
Magnesium, calcium, potasium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc
Pure organic minerals, containing no additives
ArgiMax, colloidal silver 1000ppm
Strong, fast, decisive action
Virgo, Tytan, Coral
Liquid soaps 100% natural, with colloidal silver or colloidal gold
ArgO2, the enemy of germs, parasites and moulds
The combined power of silver and oxygen
Colloidal minerals
Handy information
Natural vitamin C
normal or alkaline
Natural essential oils
Health and delight


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AghorasBio, AquaNano, Mellixir,

Electrik, Auris, AloeDirect,

CannExtract, FlorEsențial, BioMineral,

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